Month: December 2019

Pledge loans: what they are and what should be taken into considerationPledge loans: what they are and what should be taken into consideration

Pledge loans are an option that many people consider to get financing. No matter what you want to buy or the emergency that has arisen. People who choose this route should look for a good lender to get the best benefits. What then is the pledge? Keep reading and know how it works. What are […]

How does Interest free loans apply?How does Interest free loans apply?

Interest-free loans are those in which the borrower is only required to return the capital obtained. This does not mean that they are free, since sometimes expenses and commissions will apply. In addition, if the borrower does not pay on time, late payment interest will also apply. Next, the question is clarified and its advantages […]

Loans without paperwork: Performance and AdvantagesLoans without paperwork: Performance and Advantages

Do we lend without paperwork? This is a very frequent phrase in online financial institutions. But is it possible? How does it work? These are some of the questions that exist. Learn about the operation of loans without paperwork and what are the advantages of these procedures. Loans without paperwork, the digital age The digital […]

Loans to remodel the house: work to be done and its costLoans to remodel the house: work to be done and its cost

In the mind   Of many tenants in a home, there is always the idea of ​​making home renovations. There are many reasons why you want to make renovations; I know you want to gain space, revalue the property or modernize it. No wonder, more and more, there are loans to remodel the house. Most […]

Loans vs mortgage: How to choose the best option?Loans vs mortgage: How to choose the best option?

Faced with any considerable disbursement, just before contacting the corresponding banking entity, one always ends up asking the same question: what is the best way to finance it? And, with such a doubt, the following dilemma usually appears: loans vs. mortgages. First of all, it should be noted that two financial products are being discussed […]