The loan application processing period depends on the loan you want to get

The loan application processing period depends on the loan you want to get. The quickest and easiest way is to get a cash loan. Obtaining it takes a maximum of two business days from submitting the application along with full documentation. Up to USD 30,000 is usually enough from an account statement confirming the remuneration received.

Type of loan – cash loan

Type of loan - cash loan 

With higher amounts, the bank may require additional documentation, such as a certificate from the employer, PIT, or a full account statement, which presents not only receipts but also other transactions carried out with the help of a personal account.

It is worth using the help of a credit advisor who will check your bank offers, help you complete your loan application and submit it on behalf of the client. Thanks to direct contact with a credit advisor, you can get a loan tailored to your abilities and preferences because he compares offers from several banks.

Type of loan – mortgage


Mortgage processing is divided into four stages in each bank.

Stage 1 – Time to verify the application from the moment of submission. Depending on the bank, this stage lasts from two to five business days.

Stage 2 – Time to issue a credit decision. This part of the credit process lasts from two to even twenty-one business days.

Stage 3 – Waiting time for the loan agreement. Depending on the internal banking procedures, this period lasts from zero days (i.e. on the same day as the credit decision was issued) up to five business days.

Stage 4 – Time of starting the loan from the moment of signing the contract. The last part of the credit process lasts from one to seven business days.

To sum up: the full processing period of a loan application, from submitting to launching the loan, should last from seven to thirty-seven days. These deadlines depend on the internal banking rules and procedures and on whether the applications submitted are complete and there are no deficiencies in the documentation, or whether negotiations are conducted with the bank.

When applying for a mortgage, it is worth using the help of a Financial Expert who will guide you through the loan process, from writing an application to withdrawing funds. A large number of documents are needed to launch a mortgage, such as agreement confirming the source of income, account statements, agreements with the developer, employment certificates, a survey, photos of real estate, and notarial deeds. This process is complicated, which is why specialist help is often invaluable.